What Are The Slots In Ford Truck Bed For?

The only exciting bit about a truck bed is getting to ride in the back, especially on a hot afternoon. Besides, in the past, truck beds didn’t have many functions.

However, lately, the truck beds are the essential parts of the vehicle, especially for a Ford model. More importantly, the Ford truck bed has slots that have various uses making the entire truck a helpful bed.

Let’s see the role of the slots in the Ford truck bed below.

Secure Spot

The vertical slots allow oversized sheets to rest securely when driving around. Better still, they prevent things from falling off despite anything happening on the journey due to the deep stops at each end.

This dentside safety spot will help you store and carry whatever you want for any distance without worrying about losing them on the way or even damaging delicate items. Also, you can have a cover over your Ford truck bed to prevent people from seeing what you are carrying or even stealing without your notice. These slots help you hold the cover securely in place permanently.

Storage Space

When it comes to Ford trucks, storage is a vital aspect. Besides, where else will you put all your stuff in your vehicle!

Even though the back of the bed comes with a nice slope that provides adequate room for your goods, you will also find hooks along the top. These hooks have various uses, but the most useful is creating extra space for more stuff.

That’s where the slots come in. Using the slots and the basic ladder, you can build another level of storage room. This room is perfect for extra-long items and hard to fit correctly at first, for example, firewood or fished rods for camping. Still, while they may not be excessively long, they are bulky, making having extra space an excellent idea for your truck bed.

Another reason for additional storage space would be along the side of the truck bed to form a structure like a bed tent.

Easy Reach

With the slots built into the side of the bed, you will not only keep things safe and secure from sliding off but also easy to reach.

Undeniably, when things remain in place just as you placed them, it becomes very straightforward to reach them whenever you want to. This is unlike a situation where things slide off, moving from place to place and mixing up with other items.

The slots will allow you to place the partitioning boards securely in place as you arrange your things the way you need to find them easily.


Camping is fun hence the need to carry items that make it easy to enjoy and convenient. You can move things like a grill, hot chocolate machine, and even a sub warmer with the Ford truck bed slots.

Preferable, it would be best to carry those accessible to heat using propane tanks. This makes it more convenient than taking heavy hoses, wire grates, and heavy gas cans. So the slots will help hold the items in place, allowing you to customize your truck bed for more functions that suit your situation.


The slots in Ford’s truck bed come in handy for several attachments. Depending on your purpose, you can use high-end to low-cost extensions. However, most people go for bullrings to secure their loads, especially when the truck moves.

Still, people can use ropes and other attachments to run and keep their belongings as quickly as possible.

Moreover, using the boards on the slots will help add weight to the axle. With this extra weight, your items will be more stable on the bed and not slide out.

Better Placement of Sheets

The slots of the Ford truck bed allow you to place boards of different designs and sizes for various reasons.

Among the reasons is that these slots support boards that can help lay the sheets down correctly. Sometimes, it can be challenging to fit the sheets or carpeting securely on the truck bed floor. Other times, it requires extra weight pressing down your preferred flooring to remain in place.

When the boards are firm in the slots, they hold the sheets in place for as long as it takes for them to stick without help. This way, the sheets will not be unsteady, making even the bed items unstable.

Weight Distribution

Thanks to the slots, you can now partition the truck bed of your Ford to hold all your items. Remarkably, the truck bed will not just carry your items, but the slots’ role will help them stay secured and organized all through the journey.

While this is a great idea, partitioning and arranging the truck bed allows proper weight distribution. Keeping your things well-spread on the bed aligning to the slot partitioning distributes the weight evenly, creating balance on your vehicle, especially if you carry heavy and bulky items.

Apart from partitioning, even the attachments such as bullrings and ropes will help distribute the weight of large equipment you need to carry.

Avoid Damage

While the slots help keep things securely in place and not slide and fall out of the vehicle, they also prevent damage to the truck.

When items you are carrying keep moving in all directions when the truck is in motion, they might end up hitting and breaking delicate things like the back window. Moreover, heavy and bulky items can damage the truck bed when they fall from an upright position.

Some items can even cause denting to the vehicle’s body due to constant hitting on the sides, front and back. In extreme cases, delicate things like propane tanks which should not be wobbly, can cause severe accidents when they hit heating surfaces of the vehicle.

But with slots in place, the partitioning will securely keep things in order from start to their destination, expecting no damage whatsoever.

Are you wondering what the role of the slots on your Ford truck bed is? Make use of your truck bed the proper way to ensure convenience, safety, modification, and more, as explained above.

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