What Fails The Battery Of A Motorcycle?

Do you know what fails your motorcycle batteries? No? Don’t panic, as most people are on the same bandwagon. Undeniably, most people have no idea how to maintain their motorcycle batteries in the best condition.

Motorcycle batteries require proper care if you are looking forward to having them for an extended period. However, some causes of a dead battery can be unavoidable even with high maintenance.

While artisanmarket.org sheds enough light on batteries, it would help understand the common causes of failed batteries. Besides, knowledge is power; better than a powerful battery, of course! Read on.

Overloading the Battery

Overloading the battery with excessive accessories shortens its lifespan. The best approach is to check the battery’s voltage while the engine is running and all accessories on. If the voltage reader indicates below 13.8 volts, it cannot handle all the accessories on board.

Some motorcycles draw a lot of power from the battery, leaving no extra ability to run the accessories. This leads you to no other option but to do away with some additions to lengthen the battery’s service life. Better still, consider buying a more robust alternator to make the battery able to power up your accessories without pressure. Preferably, you should purchase a quality motorcycle battery and all other accessories from bcbattery.com.au.

Faulty Voltage Regulator

This is a common issue with high mileage bikes. Defective regulators or alternators significantly shorten the lifespan of motorcycle batteries. It would be better to check all the links from the regulator to the alternator to be sure of their proper condition. Also, check the tension of regulators and alternators by referring to the service manual.

The regulators and alternators that come ready with most motorbikes last for a short time hence need replacement. You must frequently make a consistent check to guarantee that they do not require replacement.

Poor Ground Connection

Another common cause of a failed bike battery is insufficient ground linking from the frame to the battery. Usually, poor ground connection inhibits the proper charging of the battery. Therefore, make a habit to regularly check all the links to be sure of an appropriate connection. Ideally, you can use a soft scrubber to clean the contacts.

 Leaky Circuit

When there are leaky circuits, they will slowly drain the battery to dryness without your knowledge. The leaks can make accessories installed on the bike such as alarms, high beam light, GPS, or electrical sources stop functioning.

During a leak inspection, you should unplug the negative battery cable and put a volt-ohm meter between the matching negative cable and the battery’s negative end. Preferably, the current pull should be zero. A drain of an Amp or more needs thorough investigation to establish the source.

Heat and Vibration

Some motorcycle batteries are incapable of supporting heat and vibrations. Even if you take excellent care of the battery, heat and vibrations can rigorously shorten the battery’s service life. Worse still, it damages the internal parts of the battery. However, AGM and Gel cell batteries can hold a greater capacity of heat and vibrations. These types of batteries have a lengthened life compared to wet lead-acid batteries.

Indeed, with the above knowledge, you will know of the best approach to prolonging your bike’s battery life.

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