Why Should You Clay Your Car

As a car owner, who is new to car detailing, you might find car claying as a funny or strange word that does not ring a bell. However, for car owners who are familiar with car detailing, they must have heard, or performed a claying procedure on their vehicle before. If you are new to claying, car claying is the process by which you remove any form of surface contaminants from your car, which might be difficult to remover through washing.

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This contaminant must be removed before you carry out any polishing process on your car to achieve the best results. The claying process is always done by using a synthetic poly clay, and it works by gently pulling and lifting any contaminants that have been sticking to the car surface. The pollutants are then encapsulated into the clay, leaving a clean and shining surface for your car. However, to avoid any damage from the clay, detailing spray is used to prepare the surface before starting the claying process, as explained by artisanmarket.org.

The Process Of Claying

The process is done by using a new surface of the clay to extract the contaminants away from the surface, and when it is lifted off the car body, it is remolded, and a new fresh, clean surface is produced. The process continues on and on like that till the claying is perfected. Although claying is primarily designed to remove contaminants from the paintwork of your car, it can also be used to on glasses metals and other parts of the vehicle. This is, however, dependent on the clay grade that is being used for the claying process.

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Reasons Why You Should Clay Your Car

Obviously, no car owner does not want his/her car looking much more beautiful than it has been looking before. To achieve the best polishing results, you should first clay your vehicle correctly to avoid any contaminant sticking out the paintwork. This could be a challenge when you are trying to perform polishing and waxing job on the car. The shininess you hope to achieve after polishing and waxing your car paintwork might be compromised if there are contaminants on the car paint. It is, however, crucial that you have your car clayed before you start any polishing activities. This is because the contaminants on the car body might be picked up during the polishing process, which can affect them or inflict light scratches on the car and also leave some marks behind.

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Also, you should ensure that all the bounded contaminants picked up by the clay is molded into the clay ore removed to prevent any possible leftover of dirt or debris on the car surface long enough before the polishing process starts. Indeed, signaturedetailers.com are leaders and experts in having any car clayed, cleaned, and polished to achieve the best look you prefer as a car owner. More so, they know the right time for your car to be clayed.

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