The Past, Present, and Future of Auto Industry

Since the invention of automobiles, man’s way of life changes in a dramatic way. And the development in the auto industry has a significant impact on how society shapes throughout the years. It is prevailing that automobiles bring positive and negative influences on many aspects of humanity. Because of these reasons, car innovators continue to look up to the most exquisite details to meet the demands for convenience, efficiency, speed, safety, and style. It is sure for auto enthusiasts and hobbyists to have more to expect in the future.

The Introduction of Automobile to Society

1 sgbjkesbhlThe first introduction of automobiles during the 1920s instantly gained fame after realizing the fast and convenient way to travel. The mass production method lowers the cost of automobiles to end the notion of having a car for luxury alone. As soon as the majority of the public have easy access to owning a car, it changes the way Americans live their life. From homemakers, women become more active in family and social affairs. According to experts, automobiles helped women to become heard and seen in society, and thus promote the fundamentals of gender equality.

Behind the Evolution of Automobiles

2 sgbjkesbhlDespite the social and economic impact of automobiles in the United States, the credit still goes to the original designers in Germany and France during the late 1800s. But Henry Ford’s mass production is vital for the global enterprise of the automobile industry. Soon, Japan rises to become the leading automaker by the 1980s.

The main driver in the development of automotive technology during the first decade since its introduction in 1901 by Mercedes is the low operating cost during manufacturing. The Americans perfected this goal with Ford’s Model T automobiles and have a significant feat in the automobile industry. Since then, vehicles become the driving force for change, stirring the advancement of industrialization and fusing automobiles with the new age of Electronics.

Quick Peek To Automobile Market Trend

The 2008 economic recession was incapable of crippling the global market for automobiles. In 2019, the global aftermarket had value over USD 477 billion and expected to rise at a 3.9% compound annual growth rate until 2025. The primary driver in the market growth is the automobile owner’s desire to enhancing the performance in different aspects like speed and appearance.

Future Automobiles: What to Expect?

The recent model releases have significant developments for automobiles that are stepping stone to substantial innovations in the year to come. Among these are the in-car connectivity technology, assistive driving technology, and environmentally-friendly electric cars. In 2021, projections are set years before by the titans in the industry to mark the sale of self-driving vehicles or autonomous vehicles. By 2026, Audi and Mercedes-Benz have a firm conviction about sophisticated autonomous driving for everyday use.

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More features are expecting to rise soon. Interacting with the vehicle will be as easy as one wave of the hand with 3D Gesture instead of touchscreens or buttons. Smartwatch integration is becoming popular with multiple remote features via voice commands. High technology scanners and sensors allow safety features like side collision warning system and use of biometric to lock and unlock car, as well as monitoring of the drivers vital signs for any impending medical issue.

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